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pan seared black sea bass with fennel sauce

Seared Black Sea Bass with Fennel Sauce and Zucchini Spaghetti

Service for 2

1 black sea bass filleted
1 cup coarsely chopped fennel
1 italian frying pepper coarse chopped
1/2 cup chicken stock
3 T flat parsely
1 zucchini
1 potato
1 T grapeseed oil for searing fish
1/2 tsp fennel pollen
2 T. butter, salt and black pepper and cayenne pepper for seasoning
lemon juice


Sauce: Coarsely chop fennel and green pepper. Sweat in small amount of oil and butter then add chicken stock and cook for a few minute to soften fennel. Add parsely, let sit for a minute to cool then blend and pass thru a sieve.Season with salt and pepper (cayenne optional) Set aside.

Using a Japanese Spiralizer prepare the zucchini spaghetti. It will only need 30 seconds of quick searing before plating. Peel and cut potatoes into thin wedges and saute till done then rest and paper towel.


Score fish first -

Pat dry the skin side with a paper towel. The first salt addition will remove some of the moisture. Sear the fish skin side down on a high in a heated pan with a small amount of oil (Note: For sea bass and wild striped bass I also use duck fat which gives a nice sear and adds flavor to bass. Cook for 2-3 minutes or till the flesh side of the fish starts to turn opaque. Turn the fish over and cook one more minute.

The last minute add a sprinkle of fennel powder and baste the fish then turn the flame off. If the fillet is thick instead of finishing in the pan put the fish into a preheated oven 450F for 3 minutes.


seared black sea bass

Why Score your fish fillet?

1) Prevents the fish from curling when it hits the pan.

2) Allow a nice sear, and allows the flesh side to cook quicker.

3) Allows better seasoning of the skin side of fish.

4) Provides a nice visual contrast for the diner.

5) Makes it easier the eat if the skin is crispy since the fish breaks away easier.

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