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pan seared black sea bass with pea and asparagus sauce

Pan Seared Black Sea Bass with Pea and Jalepeno Sauce

Service for 2

1 black sea bass puree
1/2 cup fresh peas
1/2 cup frozen peas
1 jalapeno seeded and cleaned of vein
3 T.chervil
2 T wild spinach
1/4 cup chicken stock
10 sugar snap peas
6 asparagus
2 japanese turnips
2 T. black truffle butter


Clean the asparagus bottoms. Cut two inches off the asparagus to use for the sauce. Add the asparagus, frozen and fresh peas to boiling water and cook for 2 minutes, then add the chervil and wild spinach. Cook all for 1 more minute then refresh in cold water. Roast over an open flame the jalapeno till just slightly charred. Add the peas, asparagus bottoms, chervil, wild spinach and jalapeno pepper with the 1/4 cup of chicken stock to a blender and blend on high. Then pass through a sieve. This can be done early and kept in the refrigerator till ready to serve.

Par boil the sugar snaps, asparagus tops and turnips. Refresh.

Score the black sea bass and salt both sides.

Final Preparation:

Reheat the pea-jalepeno sauce with 2 T black truffle butter in a double boiler. Cut the turnip to desired size and heat all the plating vegetables in a T of olive oil.

Pat dry the skin side with a paper towel. The first salt addition with remove some of the moisture. With a paper towel dry the the skin side. Sear the fish skin side down on a high in a heated pan with a small amount of oil I also use duck fat which gives a nice sear and adds flavor to bass. Cook for 2-3 minutes or till the sides start to turn white. Turn the fish over and continue to cook for 30 seconds then turn the flame off. If the fillet is thick instead of finishing in the pan put the fish into a preheated oven 450F for 3 minutes.


seared black sea bass

Why Score your fish fillet?

1) Prevents the fish from curling when it hits the pan.

2) Allow a nice sear, and allows the flesh side to cook quicker.

3) Allows better seasoning of the skin side of fish.

4) Provides a nice visual contrast for the diner.

5) Makes it easier the eat if the skin is crispy since the fish breaks away easier.

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