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What is the Best Method for Cooking Atlantic Mackerels?

The Chefs Blowtorch is perhaps the quickest and tastiest method for the Home Cook.

What is the Best Method to Cook Mackerel?

NYC Farmer's Market during the Autumn months are full of those tiny Atlantic Mackerel's which are high in omega-3 oil and have such wonderful taste when fresh. Although I really like eating atlantic mackerel raw I also like their taste cooked especially grilled. For those living in apartments and even for those with grills, a Chefs Blowtorch lets you get similar taste and texture. The latest version from Iwatani shown below is perfect for cooking mackerel.

iwatani cooking blowtorch

The latest design for the Iwatani Cooking Torch, (9,725 BTU/h) is ideal for the home chef for such things as Creme Brulee, and searing small amounts of meat and fish.

Using a blowtorch to sear fish is not new. Japanese restaurants have been doing it for years. With the newer blowtorch designs they make it much easier for the home cook.


Either use a short salt brine or salt the fish 20 minutes ahead of time. This will help in flavor and allow the fish to retain more flavor. Use a sharp knife to score the fish. This will prevent curling during cooking. Depending on your personal taste (sear vs. more cooked) the time you spend using the blow torch will vary. You can place the fish two at a time in a metal pan. Just make sure there is nothing in the vicinity that will catch fire and if using tin foil either do it by placing the foil in a metal pan (on the stove) or over a metal grating.

NOTE: If using aluminum foil be aware since it is flammable and will ignite!

Wine Notes:

Mackerel pairs with Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay but also pairs well with beer.


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