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Monkfish Liver Sous Vide encrusted with Dried Shitakes, Ponzu Mayonnaise


For the Monkish Liver

Soak monkfish liver overnight in milk. Discard milk and dry with paper towels. Season with salt and pepper. Roll up tightly in plastic wrap. Put in freezer for 20 minutes to firm up then vacuum pack. Sous vide for 60 minutes at 140F or longer depending on thickness of protein. After cooking remove from bag. Grind dried Shitakes and a small amound of panko in a coffee grinder. Roll the liver in the coarse powder then saute with duck fat rolling the cylinder to get an even crust.

Slice monkfish livers into rounds and place on a small bed of greens. Garnish with sauteed shitake mushrooms and some duck cracklings.

Dried Shitake Mushrooms

Thinly slice Shitakes and put on Parchment paper. Dry in over at 200F till crisp and powders to touch.


Ponzu Mayannaise

3 Tbl Mayonnaise
1 Tbl Ponzu
1/2 tsp or more to taste Srirachi hot chili sauce


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