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Salmon Sous Vide -- Salmon Roe, asparagus and chives




Note: While 47C sous vide salmon may tastes better to some -- for safety reasons most will cook the salmon at 50C for 40 minutes which yields a very soft, moist flesh which does flake.

Salmon needs to be brined before sous vide cooking at low temperatures to prevent the albumin from leaching out of the salmon. Use a 10 percent salt brine for 10 minutes in an ice bath.

Dry salmon after the brine and season lightly, then coat in olive oil before sealing in bag. In above (photo) the salmon was not vacuum packed (hence not a true sous vide dish) The dish was cooked at 47C instead of recommended 50C. A variation of the same dish was prepared at 50C in a vacuum bag for comparison (see photo below).

There is a clear difference in texture and taste between salmon cooked at 47C and 50C.


Salmon sous vide cooked at 50C for 30 minutes using a vacuum packed bag

Shown here with salmon caviar, chives and creme fraiche.



Notes: Because of the consistency of sous vide salmon use smaller portions as opposed to pan seared salmon. (see below).

See also: Pan seared cooked salmon recipe which has a crispy skin with outer portions slightly cooked, and then a small core of rare fish in the center. Salmon which is cooked with such a temperature gradient will of course have several parts of the fish cooked at 'both' 47C and 50C.


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