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Zucchini Blossoms are a great addition to many dishes. They are only available though for a short time during the summer months. They can however be frozen and hold well for several months

Note: Frozen blossoms once thawed can be used to garnish dishes, in sauce, a crispy fried.

Zucchini Blossoms are available all summer long that the Union Square Market (shown to left Windfall Farms Stand).

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Make sure to buy very fresh blossoms early in the morning since they will start to wilt early. Also make sure they are dry. It is best to first take them out of the box, shake them off since insects may be inside or on the flowers. Lie them on a paper towel and remove any wilted or wet blossoms.

CPut a layer of paper towel at the bottom the the plastic box and then put a layer of zucchini blossoms so the flower end has contact with the paper towel. This will allow moisture that is produced during freezing to be absorbed by the paper.

put a flat piece of paper towel on towel of the first layer of zucchini blossoms.

Add another layer of blossoms and repeat till all the original blossoms are in the box with a final sheet of paper towel on top.

.You are ready to now place the box into the freezer. Using the original plastic box gives an excellent seal. If you did not purchase the blossoms in a similar box one of similar size can be used.


Thawing the blossoms.

Right out of the freezer the blossom has retained color. However the blossoms if left out on a paper towel containing moisture will shrivel.

We find it best to work with them while they are still in a frozen state.

Note: Once out of the freezer you must work quick with thawed blossoms. Leaving them too long and they will oxidize. Since they defrost in seconds there is really no reason to leave them out too long.


NOTE: It is also possible for a fuller frozen blossom to shake them out and lie them on wax paper. Put in the freezer. And after frozen put them in a freezer bag loosely packed.

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