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duck confit with pasta and meyer lemon zest



Pasta di Gragnano with Duck Confit, Meyer Lemon Zest, Roasted Garlic, Thyme and Duck cracklings



For the Duck-

Make duck confit

Cook Pasta 2/3 of the way in water. Drain water then return to pot and cover pasta with a layer of duck stock. Cook till pasta has absorbed most of the stock and is still al dente.

Zest a meyer lemon. Shred off thyme leaves from stems and mix into meyer lemon. Set aside.

Shred duck from leg and use the skin from fat to make duck cracklings. Using the left over duck fat saute spring garlic cloves till brown.

Assemble the dish... Add the shredded duck to pasta and sauce, mix carefully... plate and garnish with garlic cloves, duck cracklings, meyer lemon zest and thyme.


Meyer lemons are believed to have been a hybrid of regular lemons and sweet or mandarin oranges and have a soft sweet skin. Meyer lemons contain thymol, which is the essential l oil found in thyme, so meyer lemon zest and thyme blend well.

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