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best roast chicken recipe

Roast Chicken Recipe

Using softened butter with herbs under the skin keeps chicken moist and skin crisp

Roast Chicken Recipe

1) Brine the chicken (for roasting with high heat and a 3-4 pound chicken use 1 gallon of water 1cup Diamond Kosher Salt, 8 T sugar) see brining table here.

2) Preheat oven to 450F

3) Mash, thyme, rosemary parsley and softened butter into an even mixture and going through the neck, slide under the skin of both breasts

4)Smash 3 cloves of garlic in the skin or use a split garlic bulb and put it in cavity. Poke a lemon with a fork and microwave for 15 seconds then put in cavity. Stuff the cavity with some chopped herbs. Season cavity with salt and pepper.

5) Take out the chicken wishbone (Note see video by Thomas Keller below). Truss the chicken (see video below on how to truss a chicken). Comments: Trussing is necessary to hold the chicken together for proper browning in this technique especially when first searing the chicken on the stove top.

6) Heat olive oil until it starts to smoke in a saucepan and sear each side for 4 minutes (breast and leg) --untouched -- turning only when bird is burnish brown. Then do top and bottom of chicken. After searing all four sides of chicken pour off fat except - reserve 1 T of liquid to sauté selected root vegetables -

7) Add some diced vegetables to roasting pan. Add olive oil if needed.

8) Spoon out excess fat set chicken on vegetables and cook for 40 minutes or until done basting occasionally (cook till temp= 155F). If chicken begins to burn cover with a foil tent.

NOTE: You can also roast the chicken instead of on the bed of vegetables using a V-tray. You can then saute the vegetables while the chicken is resting in a little olive oil.

5) Roast the chicken in the oven in a V-tray instead of on bed of vegetables allowing for more even roasting of chicken. or

The bed of vegetables used was potatoes and leeks. With 5 minutes left fresh thyme and parsley was sprinkled over the chicken and vegetables.

NOTE: The vegetables I serve with the dish to guests usually are cooked separate not the ones under the chicken since they are loaded with chicken fat.

6) 5-10 minutes before cooking is finished rub chicken with 1 T of butter and sprinkle with thyme leaves. Return to oven for 7 minutes at 500F.

7) Remove from oven, tent chicken with legs pointing up so juices run into breast.

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