Seared Tuna with Fava Bean Puree Roasted Potatoes and Fennel

seared salmon with brussel sprouts and mustard sauce

This dish includes the following ingredients all purchased at the Union Square Greenmarket: Fresh Tuna, Fennel, Shitake Mushrooms, New Potatoes, Fava Beans, Basil.


Service for 4

4 Tuna Fillets
1 fava beans
2 Garlic cloves
Bunch of fresh parsley
4 shitake mushrooms sliced
1 new potato
1/2 cup chicken stock
2 T. butter
1 T olive oil


The Tuna:

Season the tuna with salt and pepper (optional a light coating of panko with a light coat of soy sauce). Sear quickly then let rest slice before serving.

The sauce:

Blanch the fava beans for 5 minutes add a few basil leaves the last minute. This will add a brighter green color to the puree. Refresh the fava beans in cold water then peel them. Add the mixture of beans and basil to a food processor and begin blending, then slowly add chicken stock till desired consistency is reached. Reserve in bowl till ready for plating.

The fennel, potatoes and shitake mushrooms

Cut the potatoes, and fennel as shown in the photo above. Pan roast potatoes and fennel. Saute the sliced shitake mushrooms.


First spoon the puree onto the plate as shown in image. Slice the tuna and put on top of puree... add the potatoes, fennel and shitake mushrooms. Garnish with basil as shown.