Butter Poached Wild Shrimp with Polenta, Lobster Reduction and Fried Crispy Parsley

butter poached shrimp

Butter poaching is an easy and delicous way to cook fish. Using a Nuwave induction cooker you can easily congtrol the temperature you want to poach at. We prepare a buerre monte first and then add the shrimp. We fiond cooking the shirmp at 140F for 10 minutes gives a desirable taste and texture. It is also possible to butter poach using sous vide cooking.


Service for 4

2-3 per/person Large whole wild shrimp, head on 
Polenta recipe 
Lobster stock
Beurre monté for poaching shrimp
Crispy fried parsley


For the Shrimp

Pull the heads off the shrimp and save them for the stock. Clean the shrimp, removing the digestive and nervous tracts. Poach the shrimp in the buerre monte for 10 minutes at 140F or until desired taste and texture is achieved. 

For the Sauce

Take the heads and shrimp shells and sauté in a small amount of oil. Put the shells into a small sauce pan and cover with lobster stock. Simmer for 25 minutes. Strain through a colander and reduce the liquid till a thick rich consistency is achieved. Combining the flavor of the shrimp heads and shells with the lobster stock produces a rich langoustine flavor. 

Before serving on low heat or off the heat, swirl in a tablespoon of truffle butter or plain unsalted butter. Note: Do not salt the sauce till serving. There will probably be enough salt taste by reduction. 

For the Polenta

Use any polenta recipe here. We prefer to cook the polenta in chicken stock and finish by adding marscopone, butter, creme fraiche and grated parmesan cheese... all in small amounts to taste.

For the Crispy Parsley

Heat to about 350F a 1/4 cup of vegetable oil in a small pot. Cut and clean parsley and dry well with paper towels. Add the parsley to the hot oil and cook for 1-2 minutes. Remove and set on paper towels. The parsley will remain green and have a very crispy fried texture.


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