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Asparagus and Ramps with Crimini, Shiitake, Oyster Mushrooms and Pea Sauce

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Asparagus and Ramps with Crimini, Shiitake and Oyster Mushrooms, Pea Sauce

Service for 4

8 medium asparagus
1/2 pound mixed mushrooms
1 bunch ramps
1 cup peas
2 T butter
2 T olive oil
Fresh chervil for garnish

For the Mushrooms

Use any combination of available market mushrooms. Sauté in olive oil leaving enough room between mushrooms. We recommend doing each type of mushroom separately. In this recipe we used shiitake, crimini and oyster mushrooms all available at the Union Square Market on Saturday. After sautéing let mushrooms drain on a paper towel set over a rack.

For Asparagus

Cut ends off asparagus and remove tough outer skin with a potato peeler (optional). Cut asparagus at an angle every 2 inches. Boil in for 5 minutes in a small amount of salted boiling water (uncovered), and refresh in cold water to retain the color. Reserve some of the cooking liquid for the pea sauce.

For the Ramps

Cut off the end root tips and clean completely -- Cut off ends, reserve and cut the tops into 1-2 inch pieces. Sauté tips in olive oil and rest on paper towel. You will saute the tops in final preparation.

For the Pea Sauce

Cook fresh peas (Spring peas and/or sugar snap peas) in salted water till soft but still bright green. Refresh in cold water to retain color (you can subsitute frozen high quality petit peas). Blend the peas with just enough liquid (from the asparagus) to produce a smooth sauce. Press through a fine sieve. Put contents in a small pot and over heat whisk in 1 the butter. You can refrain from the butter and just drizzle a little olive oil over the sauce.

Finishing the dish and Assembly

Sauté lightly the cooked asparagus, mushrooms, and ramp bottoms together to heat up. Add the ramp tops and sauté for an additional minute.

Place a few tablespoons of pea sauce on each plate and top with asparagus, ramps and mushrooms.

Garnish with fresh chervil or other fresh herbs.

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